Empowering authors to engage with their community, develop content, and grow their platforms

PLATFORMBUILDER is a one-day seminar designed to teach authors what they can do to market themselves and their books.

Why did we develop PLATFORMBUILDER™?

  • We have spent the last two and a half decades helping publishers and authors identify their target audience, connect with and grow that audience, and develop and grow their personal brands.
  • Some things that sell books haven’t changed: Great writing, rave reviews, and gorgeous covers are evergreen, but the ways in which authors can market themselves and speak directly to their audience have changed radically. PLATFORMBUILDER™ gives authors the tools and game plan they need.

What can I do?

  • Authors hear lots of suggestions from many reliable sources: agents, publishers, editors, publicists, marketers, and other authors. But it’s often piecemeal, and often in the inside-baseball language of the marketing and publishing world, so not all that helpful.
  • PLATFORMBUILDER™ is designed in a clear, organized, and action-oriented way to answer the question: What can I do?
  • Ideally authors will take this class nine to twelve months before publication (or earlier!) so that they enter the home stretch as their publisher’s dream date.

What does that one day of training look like?

  • The one-day seminar is broken into three units: Community Building, Developing Content, and Growing Your Platform.
  • The class size is small (8-12 students) so that each student not only learns the breadth of what he or she can do, from the nuts and bolts of getting on Goodreads to starting a newsletter, but also walks away with specific content workshopped by the group, like an elevator pitch or an op-ed idea.
  • The working lunch will include a Q&A session with an agent or an author, focused on recent success stories and you can immediately adapt to suit your own purposes.
  • The day ends with a wine and cheese reception with our host agency—you’ll mix and mingle with industry heavyweights and ask them everything you always wanted to know about publishing but were afraid to ask.
  • You walk away with the PLATFORMBUILDER™ resource guide and prepublication checklist. In other words: You are now master of your publishing destiny.

More About Us

Nicole Dewey is the creator of PlatformBuilder™ and Managing Director of Shreve Williams Public Relations…

Community Engagement
  • Whom do you know?
  • Blurbs? You really do want them.
  • The hows and whys of mailing lists.
  • Newsletters, why you want one, and how to make one.
  • Other authors are your friends!
  • Booksellers are also your friends.
  • Media: not necessarily your friends, but very useful.
Content Development
  • Elevator pitch. Yes, you really need one.
  • Op-eds; using the news cycle to your advantage.
  • Personal essays—connecting to readers via your story.
  • Reading Group Guides: a travel guide for reader engagement.
  • Images: when words aren’t enough.
  • Video: it’s where it’s at.
  • Shareable graphics—social media’s best friend.
  • The importance of headlines that engage the reader.
  • Content marketing: it’s what you’re doing here.
Platform Growth
  • Websites, your digital business card.
  • The wild and wonderful world of social media: Goodreads to LinkedIn, Instagram to Reddit— choosing what’s right for you and your book.
  • Target audience: who are they, and how do you reach them?
  • Public speaking and its many uses.
  • Media: here’s where it really helps.
  • It is all connected: how to use your content and community to grow your platform.

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